A Journey of Reclamation

You're a -KEY- inside a -KEYBOARD- which has lost its keys.

Go on an adventure into the world of your keyboard, to reclaim 'Space' with the 'Limited' keys that still work, in order to fix your keyboard.

About Game

One day, a groundbreaking experiment sought to unravel the secrets of 'Space', a powerful cosmic force that defied conventional understanding. Yet, the experiment went awry, unleashing a surge of energy that transported an unassuming 'Space' Key into this enigmatic realm.

To mend the fractured keyboard, you must collect the scattered keys, each of which restores a piece of efficient keyboard logic back to the realm. With every key collected, the 'Space' Key inches closer to unlocking the ultimate power of 'Space' and restoring harmony to this limited world of your keyboard.

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Glitches, Grumbles, and General Awesomeness

The Reviews We Couldn't Hide.

"...the visuals are beautiful and the music is quite captivating."
"...I had never laughed so much."

a nice person
rya (:>)
Game: TimeBound

"...this art was so cute oml... and i loved the experience of collecting keys to do more things. i treasure this"

a nice person
Game: KeyBound

"Really sick - i love the neon glow of everything, the way you gradually unlock more keys, and the animations were really fun. Nice work!"

a nice person
Dan Burns
Game: KeyBound