humble beginnings

The Idea ⚷

Imagine this:

A motley crew of game enthusiasts, mad scientists, and even a few comedians (because why not?), huddled together in our secret lair, brainstorming, coding, and consuming enough caffeine to power a small city.

We craft immersive experiences so mind-bending that players would forget everything, from unpaid bills to their girlfriend's 25th birthday party!

No offense intended

Not stopping at the ordinary, we dove into the extraordinary.

Augmented reality? Check.
Virtual reality? Double-check.
Blockchain games? You betcha!
PC and console games? Of course!
Our goal isn't just "fun";
we aim for the "forget-your-own-name" kind of fun!

But here's the kicker: while you're deeply engaged in our epic adventures, we don't just entertain you; we give your overworked brain a well-deserved break.
Worries like "Did I leave the stove on?" Gone.
"Is it Monday already?" Forgotten.
"Where did I put my keys?" Who cares!

All that matters is the game.

Where reality is optional!

If you're seeking an escape from the mundane reality into one so immersive that it blurs the line between fun and forgetfulness;
then, Welcome to Amnesea!

The Team 𖠋

makes pixels pop ✎


Co-Founder / Designer

turns coffee into code ♨


Co-Founder / Developer